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Financial Freedom with Forex Trading
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You Don’t Have To Be Like The 97% Who Fail.

There’s a reason only 3% of forex traders achieve consistent profitability over the long term…

Most treat it like a hobby, and never develop the systems, mindset, or support network they need to make a full-time income year after year.

We’ve Transformed 100’s of Ordinary People Into Top Traders.

LIFT combines time-tested trading fundamentals with frequent, focused 1-on-1 and group coaching.

Because of this, our LIFT Traders are able to enjoy 80%+ profitability on trades and build the lifestyle business of their dreams.

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How Our LIFT Programs Make Top 3% Traders. Consistently.

Our LIFT programs lead LIFT Traders through four Steps where they’ll gain a foundational understanding, learn to demo trade, enter the live market with confidence, and then scale what’s working.

And this transformational process takes as little as 12 months or less!

Forex Trading Books

Trading Foundations

In the first stage of the program, Traders do not make any trades.

Instead, they learn the fundamentals of trading including:


Business systems,

Risk management, and

How to Trade the Market.

Forex Demo Trading

Demo Forex Trading

Once a Trader has gained the proper foundation, we walk them through the process of trading in a demo environment.

Here You Will Learn to Execute the Strategy while Managing Risk

You will complete this Step once you have achieved at least 70% profitability over 20 trades.

Learn to trade forex live

Live Forex Trading

In Step 3, LIFT Traders put the strategies they’ve practiced to the test in the real market.

We then work together to tweak your approach until you’re capable of at least 70% profitability over 20 trades when using real money.

Consistent Profitability Starts with Being Consistent.

Learn how to improve my forex trading profit

LIFT Profit Optimization

In the final Step, we focus on scaling the size of trades until You reach around $10,000 income per month from a profit margin of 25% or higher.

It’s at this point You start enjoying the Lifestyle of a Profitable LIFT Trader.

We don’t limit our Traders growth though, and many grow beyond this.

Forex Trading One on One Coaching

What Makes LIFT Unique

We’re not in the business of selling courses and leaving you in the dust.

When you join LIFT Investor Trader, you gain proven systems, a bullet-proof mindset, and most importantly…

A family that’ll stop at nothing until you achieve the freedom and success you’ll enjoy.


Choose Your Journey Towards Financial Freedom

Learn to trade forex from home Online

LIFT Trader

Turn Your Spare Time Into A Job-Replacing Income

Develop your Fast-Track to Financial Independence Plan.

Find profitable opportunities in the major Forex currency pairs.

Manage risk and ensure your capital is protected.

Follow our proven Profit-Lock strategies to secure consistent profits.

Make trading easier by finding your Optimal Trading Zone.

Develop the mindset you need to thrive as a Forex Trader.

Learn from the successes of experienced LIFT Traders.

Enjoy UNLIMITED coaching sessions, workshops, events and community support.

Gain lifetime access to the Profitable LIFT Trading Method.

Build your foundation right with our Business Development Program.

Study our vast library of handbooks, tools, templates, and resources.

Work with a dedicated personal trading coach who’ll walk you through the entire program.

Get your tax back as a deductible home-based income expense. (check with your accountant)

Get all the above for one easy payment, with no additional costs… ever!

LIFT Investor Trader. Learn to Trade Forex and invest

LIFT Investor Trader

Use Your Trading Profits To Build A Passive Investment Portfolio

Includes everything in LIFT Trader PLUS:

Learn to build a personal investment portfolio that generates passive income and grows your wealth.

Invest in industries you believe in whether they’re tech, environmental, health, property, or anything else.

Find wholesale investment opportunities with greater profits and lower risks.

Access exclusive investment opportunities not available to retail investors.

Fast-track your path to being a wealthy investor.

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