About Us

Transforming Lives,
One Trader at a Time

We do more than make successful Traders and Investors.

We help people to reclaim their freedom and build lives they love to live.

Our History

Helping Ordinary People Become Top Traders Since 2016.

Founded in 2016, by Ron and Ives Bentley, The Trading Coach International was born to serve one purpose:

Helping others Build Lifestyle and Financial Abundance they’ll enjoy.

In the years since we’ve had the pleasure of adding 100’s of members to our community and having a lasting impact on their lives.

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Our Team

Australian Trading Coach Ron

Ron Bentley

​From a welfare household to a 20-year business veteran, Ron has overcome just about all of the pitfalls that up-and-coming traders face.


Through this experience, he has learned that with the right approach and focus, anyone can transform their financial future.


Today, he’s sharing everything he’s learned from his humble beginnings as a Centrelink Assessor, Financial Information Officer and Business Owner to Coach of top 3% Retail Forex Traders, Business and Property Investment Coach, and Lead Coach at The Trading Coach International.

Australian Trading Coach Ives

Ives Bentley

Ives is a profitable LIFT Investor Trader herself, Trading Coach Co-Founder, and Event & Community Manager of LIFT.


Ives’ ensures our Community of Traders and Coaches is tightknit and that all of our LIFT Community Members receive the highest standard of service and support.


This focus on Community has been a key factor in our incredible growth and ability to attract 100’s of Traders by word of mouth alone.

As we scale beyond our existing network, Ives will play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of our community stays consistent.

Who We Work With

Whatever Your Background, Experience, or Situation… We Can Help.

We’ve worked with 100’s of aspiring Traders from all walks of life, and our LIFT Community is proof that virtually anyone can become a successful Trader and Investor.

This is why we’ve don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach and give you a personalized pathway that’s made just for you.

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What Drives Us

We Want You To Be Free and Fulfilled.

We are extremely fortunate to have found and developed a system of trading and investing that really works.

Doing so has filled our lives with freedom, choice, and abundance that for many are hard to imagine.

Today, we believe it is our duty to guide the next generation of Traders through the trenches and to the success we all enjoy.

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